Bee-ware! Bee Busters to the Rescue in Orange County, CA

Bee Busters, Orange County’s own bee removal service, is to the rescue when bees become too much of a buzz. Bee Busters is a family-owned business run by beekeepers and bee removal experts that specialize in removing bees from residential and commercial properties in Orange County, CA.

Bee Busters is the trusted go-to for bee removal and bee hive removal in Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills. From wasps to carpenter bees, honey bees to bumble bees, and anything in between, Bee Busters can handle it all with their years of expertise. They use eco-friendly and bee-safe methods and equipment to ensure the safety of both humans and bees.

Not only do Bee Busters remove bees, they also provide bee relocation services to ensure the bees have a safe place to live. Bee Busters understand that bees are essential to the environment and strive to preserve them and their hives.

So if a swarm of bees has created a buzz in your Laguna Hills neighborhood, don’t worry, you’re not stung for the job! Just contact Bee Busters for a speedy and safe removal. In the meantime, be sure to perform a few bee-friendly activities such as planting bee-friendly plants like lavender and sunflowers to help the bee population. Here is a great resource to get started.

Don’t let bees buzz off your summer fun. Contact Bee Busters today and let them take care of all your bee worries.