Marvelously Toasty Tales from O’Donnell Heating

Since 1961, O’Donnell Heating has stolen the show with their exceptional and quality HVAC services in Amherst, NY and the surrounding areas. Our hilarious history of heating and cooling has left a cacophony of chuckles across the decades.

Remember the winter of ’81? Yikes, it was so cold your igloo would need an igloo! A hapless gentleman had his teeth chattering louder than a chatterbox parrot. O’Donnell Heating rushed to his rescue. Equipped with our top-notch service, we secured his furnace tighter than a turtle in its shell. Oh, the pure joy in his sip of hot cocoa in his now cozy abode!

Fast forward to last summer, the sun was getting too ambitious. Mrs. Murphy’s ice cream was melting before it could make her grandkids’ day. Our cool solution had her AC blasting away the sun’s braggadocio. The victory? Ice cream scoops standing tall all day, every day.

From unforgiving winters to steamy summers, O’Donnell Heating’s consistently high-quality HVAC service has you, our valued customers, enjoying all seasons. After all, heating and cooling is no joke, but who said it couldn’t be fun? Here’s to many more years of laughs and comfortable living!