A Handy Guide to DIY Tips for Your AC, Electrical Services and Plumbing and Heating

Summer is here, and we all know what that means. It’s time to check and ensure your AC, Electrical Services, and Plumbing & Heating system are functioning efficiently. Here are some helpful DIY tips that you can follow at home in Saint Michaels, Denton, Algonquin, Trappe, Stevensville and Cambridge, MD, or other nearby areas.

AC Services
One of the primary concerns during summer is ensuring your air conditioning is in top shape. Regular maintenance like replacing or cleaning your AC filters can improve its efficiency by 15%. Cleaning the AC coils and coil fins are also beneficial. However, always remember, if the AC unit turns out to need more than simple dusting and cleaning, it’s time to call in professionals like C. Albert Matthews.

Electrical Services
Safety is paramount when dealing with electrical systems. Begin with checking your outlets. Loose outlets are usually an indication that wires could be moving, which creates a potential fire hazard. Also, make sure all your light switches are working; if they don’t, that again might suggest an electrical problem. While you can change a lightbulb, any further electrical services should be left to certified professionals.

Plumbing & Heating
To prevent any plumbing issues, be careful about what you put down your drains. Keep them clear of hair, food particles, and grease, as these are the primary causes of clogs. In terms of heating, bleeding your radiators can help improve their efficiency. This process involves releasing air that gets trapped in your heating system. However, tackle this only if you are confident in your abilities, as you could accidentally let out hot water or steam.

For cooling, a DIY tip is ensuring your windows and doors are sealed properly to avoid air leaks. Ceiling fans can also greatly help in maintaining a cooler temperature. Remember to set them to run counter-clockwise during the summer for optimal cooling.

We hope these DIY tips help you maintain your home in an efficient and functioning manner. Nevertheless, if at any point you are unsure of doing it yourself, we recommend reaching out to experts. And remember, in Saint Michaels, Denton, Algonquin, Trappe, Stevensville, and Cambridge, MD, no one provides better services than C. Albert Matthews. Stay cool and safe this summer!