Brrr…Get Ready For Winter with American Home Heating & AC!

The chilly Rhode Island winter is more terrifying than a horror movie if you have a non-functioning furnace. But fear not, our heroes at American Home Heating & AC are here to rescue you!

Furnace Repair Extraordinaires!

Our Furnace whisperers aren’t afraid of any brand or model. They’ll have your furnace humming sweetly, restoring comfort to your East Providence or Cranston homes faster than you can say “Brrr”.

With us, emergency calls don’t go to some far-off call center. No siree! Your SOS lands directly onto the desks of our local heroes.

On the Lookout for Heating & Cooling?

When Frosty the Snowman starts feeling too at home in your living room, it’s time to give a ring to our heating and cooling experts.

We have an array of heating & cooling solutions to make even the iciest of winters feel like a mild spring day. So, take the first step towards a warm and cozy winter, bask in the reliable services of American Home Heating & AC!