Cracking the Case of the Haunted Air Conditioner

As a sunny day bipedal resident of St Petersburg & Treasure Island, Florida, you might’ve met that dreaded cohabitant — a monstrous, groaning air conditioner. An AC unit given more attitude than functionality.

The AC Horror Story

Picture this: a sweltering Floridian afternoon in the heart of St. Pete Beach. Your air conditioner, once a cool caress in the relentless heat, has started sounding like a groaning zombie. Or even a screaming banshee whenever you crank it up. Spooky? Time to call on the HVAC Ghostbusters at Kron West.

At this point, the suspense could’ve swept across South Pasadena or Gulfport, FL. But fear not, intrepid homeowners! Our AC installation & replacement takes away the horror of a haunted air conditioner, ensuring your new unit isn’t something out of a Stephen King novel.

A Comedic Turnaround

But our AC repairs aren’t just effective, they are also disarmingly funny. Every time we’ve gotten called to battle a spectral air conditioner or heating unit, we leave remnants of laughter and comfort in our wake.

Trust the Kron West team to make that blasphemous air conditioner once again your faithful, quiet sidekick – one that won’t be auditioning for the next horror blockbuster anytime soon.