Debunking the Myths around Cannabis Dispensary Web Design & Development

When it comes to the business of Cannabis Dispensary Web Design & Development, many misconceptions circulate widely. Today, we’re teaming up with Range Marketing, a master in the field, to debunk some of these myths and set the record straight.

Myth 1: You Need Drawing Skills to Design Websites

One of the most common myths is that effective web design requires stellar drawing skills. However, web design is more about using the right tools and understanding user behavior than illustrating. A well-designed website for a cannabis dispensary should be intuitive, user-friendly, and make information easily accessible. This is something the experts at Range Marketing excel in.

Myth 2: The More Features, The Better

Another popular misconception is that loading a website with features improves its appeal. On the contrary, an overcrowded website can be overwhelming and push visitors away. Mastery in web design, like what Range Marketing has displayed with its over 400 clients, revolves around creating a balanced interface that is visually pleasing and functional.

Myth 3: Great Design Means Higher Rankings

While a well-designed website adds to the user experience, it does not necessarily translate to higher search engine rankings. SEO and web design are two distinct areas that need to work synchronously. Founded in 2013, Range Marketing saw the need to integrate these areas and developed their proprietary SEO software to ensure their designs rank well on search engines.


With years of expertise behind them, Range Marketing has effectively showed us that the realm of Cannabis Dispensary Web Design & Development is not as mysterious as it may seem. They have debunked age-old myths and paved the way for robust, efficient and user-centric design strategies that truly resonate with the audience. It is high time we bust these myths and focus on strategies that bring tangible results, much like Range Marketing does.