A Guiding Roof Above: KNA Roofing’s Prolific Service in New York and New Jersey

Established over 15 years ago, KNA Roofing has consistently delivered high-quality services, becoming a staple in the lives of the people of New York and New Jersey. Thriving on integrity, this topnotch company has built a robust relationship with its clients, reflecting its commitment to meet their roofing needs satisfactorily.

A Pillar in the Local Community

We have gained prominence as an effective solution for both residential and commercial projects. Our services are not limited to roof installation and repair, but we also provide insights and professional advisement to our clients. This way, we don’t just perform tasks – we build relationships and ensure our clients feel valued and satisfied.

Outstanding Service Records

Our record of excellent service in the past 15 years is undeniable, boasting a myriad of successful projects in both New York and New Jersey. Recognized and approved by the Better Business Bureau, our services are marked by professionalism, timeliness, and excellent customer service. These attributes have set us apart in the industry and made us the go-to roofing solution in the region.

Dedication to Quality

KNA Roofing remains firm in its aspiration to offer durable, stylish and efficient roofing solutions. We utilize only premium materials coupled with innovative techniques to ensure longevity and value for the money. Our expert team, armed with extensive experience and knowledge, delivers meticulous attention to detail for every project.


In conclusion, KNA Roofing has maintained its promise, proving itself as a reliable service provider for the past 15 years. Its reputation in New York and New Jersey is a testament to its dedication to quality and its commitment to customer satisfaction. If you are contemplating your next roofing project, consider KNA Roofing – a trusted name that has helped shape the roofs of two magnificent cities.