Debunking Myths about HVAC Services: A Candid Look

Nowadays, people have easy access to information, but this freedom also breeds numerous misconceptions, especially regarding technical services like heater installation or air conditioner (AC) repair. This blog aims to debunk these myths for homeowners in Volusia, Orlando, Lake Mary, Oviedo, Windermere, and Winter Park, FL.

The Myth about Professional HVAC Services Being Unnecessary

There’s a widespread misconception that professional HVAC services are an unnecessary expenditure. Many homeowners believe they can perform tasks like heater installation, AC repair, and annual maintenance themselves or hire an untrained individual for less money.

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Over time, this course of action can lead to excessive energy bills, decreased equipment lifespan, and impaired indoor air quality. A trained, licensed professional from Ferran Services can ensure that your heating and air conditioning systems function at maximum efficiency.

The Myth about New Systems not Requiring Maintenance

For some, the belief persists that once a new heating or air conditioning system has been installed, it requires no maintenance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like a brand-new car needs regular servicing for optimal operation, so too does your HVAC system.

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At Ferran Services, we offer comprehensive maintenance and furnace services covering all essential aspects, ensuring that your system remains up and running even in adverse conditions. We help you prevent costly repairs and replacements down the line.

The Myth about Lower Thermostat Settings Cooling Your Home Faster

Another prevalent misconception is that lowering your thermostat settings will cool your home faster. Contrarily, this doesn’t affect how quickly your home cools down but results in your AC running longer than necessary.

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Ferran Services encourages energy-efficient practices, enabling homeowners to enjoy comfort without soaring energy bills. Stay informed and don’t let misconceptions guide your decisions about your HVAC system. Reliable information leads to more efficient heating and cooling, fewer breakdowns, and savings in the long run.