The Tri-State Comfort Pioneers

Once upon a time, in the heart of West Virginia, a family-owned, veteran-owned business took root, dedicated to bringing warmth and comfort to the homes of their fellow West Virginians. NexAir Home Services, LLC, was born from a deep love for the Mountain State and its resilient communities.

A Legacy of Service

Born and raised in West Virginia, the founders of NexAir understood the importance of providing reliable heating solutions to combat the state’s often harsh winters. From Huntington to Pea Ridge, Barboursville to Ona, Milton to Culloden, their commitment to excellence knew no bounds.

Nex Level Comfort

Whether it was heating repair, furnace service, or complete system replacement, NexAir Home Services approached every job with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Their team of skilled technicians, many of whom were veterans themselves, took immense pride in their ability to deliver “Nex Level” comfort to the residents of the Tri-State area.

Embracing Community

But NexAir was more than just a business; it was a reflection of the tight-knit communities it served. From the bustling streets of Huntington to the quiet lanes of Culloden, the company’s reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction quickly spread like a warm embrace across the region.

As the seasons changed and the years passed, NexAir Home Services remained a steadfast presence, a beacon of warmth and reliability in a world that often felt cold and uncertain. And with every home they touched, they left a lasting legacy of comfort, community, and the enduring spirit of West Virginia.